Chanel black coco perfume $103.00

Chanel Noir Coco is Chanel’s first women’s perfume with an opaque all-black bottle. Black is said to be Ms. Chanel’s favorite color, and it can also be regarded as Chanel’s classic representative color. Black, like Ms. Chanel herself, has absolute elegance and irresistible mysterious charm. 🍀It is said that this is a soul work inspired by Byzantine style and Venetian Oriental Baroque. With very obvious notes of jasmine and rose, combined with the endless aftertaste of sandalwood as the base note, Chanel’s unique “fragrance layering method” allows the charming black coco fragrance to surround the skin layer by layer, exuding a sexy and rich aroma. It can completely express and shape the mysterious and charming female style, interpret the most feminine sexy atmosphere, and exude true luxury.

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