Chanel Red Camellia Fragrance Perfume 100ML $99.00

『chanel』Chanel n°1 Red Camellia Fragrance✎
I really like the smell of Chanel’s Camellia series of skin care products. I thought Chanel’s own perfume of the same name “Chanel Flowers” launched in 1998 would be the essence of the scent of skin care products. Emmm, in fact, that perfume is just the ingredients inside and outside the fragrance. It’s about camellia…the smell is completely unrelated; the closest scent I’ve tried is Lelio’s camelia plant perfume, but it only restores the base note of the same model from Chanel, and because of its high cost performance, the smell is just that. It’s quite Japanese-style and lacks some sense of high-end. Therefore, I have always wanted Chanel to release a fragrance with the same scent as the skin care products!

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