Chanel’s new coco fragrance $94.00

The rich perfume increases the proportion of fractionated patchouli and adds an amber fragrance composed of Tonka beans and Madagascar vanilla essence. It is low-key yet elegant, like a charming and playful elf, mysterious and full of temptation, making it You can’t help but want to get closer and touch.
Origin: France
Fragrance: fresh oriental
Top notes: citrus, bergamot, grapefruit
Middle notes: lychee, Italian jasmine, rose
Base note: Indian patchouli, Haitian vetiver, poncho vanilla, white musk
The launch of a new fragrance under the name of Ms. Chanel – Modern Coco, is really a big event for Chanel. Different from the “coco” perfume that was filled with baroque elegance in 1984, in 2002 Chanel perfume creator Jacques Polge devoted himself to interpreting fresh oriental flavoring. , using advanced perfume technology to create this charming new fragrance, the modern coco is not modified with coco, but it is directly derived from the fragrance, and integrated into the spirit of Chanel, a new interpretation of freshness and sensibility.
Modern coco interprets the other side of the Chanel woman’s character in a modern way. Low-key elegance contrasts with Baroque magnificence, like the contrast between black and white.

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