Gucci bloom floral floral fragrance for women and men’s fragrance $116.00

Gucci Bloom Flower and Tree Mixed Perfume for Women and Men Gucci Bloom Feast Perfume 100ml guccibloom plant pattern packaging, square porcelain bottle and retro gray-pink combination, a little retro + a little coquettish + a little frigidity, a kind of retro trend in the 1970s! The taste is elegant. There are really not many things where beauty and inner nature coexist.
bloom is definitely one of the new fragrances~ The gray-pink bottle of bloom really irritates me~ The smell is very fresh jasmine at the beginning, and finally it becomes a jasmine fragrance with a strong powdery smell. It was as if I had seen the life of a white lotus flower
Bloom smells really good. I thought it was very strong at first, but then I smelled it and it felt like I was addicted.
Keep smelling it, that scent is so wonderful
bloom — red flower bloom women’s perfume
Fragrance ingredients:
Sambac jasmine, tuberose, orris root, honeysuckle
Italian fashion brand guc*i announced its new fragrance “Flower Bloom”, which will be launched globally in August 2017; this is a fragrance launched after the new creative director Alessandro Michele took office.
With the launch of “Flower Bloom” we can expect an unusual floral scent created by perfumer alberto morillas. Mixed with white flower florals such as natural sambac jasmine and heady tuberose and woody notes of orris root are the aromas of the new Chinese honeysuckle or combretum indicum, a reddish plant native to India. Flowers of the vine, and this scent is used specifically in this fragrance.

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